Welcome Creator!
Welcome Creator!

Welcome to the ultimate ambassador team. We exist for one reason and one reason only, to hype up Creatorland and hype up other creators? That means growing followings, sharing each other’s accounts, and helping the world know about the awesome things our other fellow creators are working on!


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  1. What’s Creatorland why should I care?
  1. How to apply to the Hype Team
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What’s Creatorland

Creatorland is a platform where creators earn money and build their reputation in the creator economy by collaborating with other creators. See an overview of the company and product here Creatorland Overview

We are building Creatorland because after 10 years in the influencer marketing industry, we think that growing your following and meeting and networking with other content creators is way too difficult. Some of the benefits of Creatorland…

  • Trusted way to get PAID by other content creators to promote their accounts
  • Generate organic follower growth on any platform whenever they feel like it
  • Create amazing first impressions for their brand partnerships by ensuring millions of high-quality views
  • Easily promote personal projects, brands, and passions
  • Maximize live stream viewership
  • Drive thousands more clicks and purchases on affiliate partnerships
  • Have an online resume designed around being a content creator that’s easy to manage