Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creatorland?

Creatorland is a new platform currently being built and rolled out in beta experiences to select creators on our waitlist. The purpose of Creatorland is to help creators build a professional network and reputation and collaborate with each other safely. If you’d like to learn more, head over to Creatorland Overview to read up in more detail.

What do we mean when we say that we’re EXCLUSIVELY focused on creators?

Creatorland is here to help you grow your personal and professional network in the creator economy, take control of how you're perceived online, and help you unlock new opportunities and grow as a creator. Whether that means followers or connections - Creatorland is your portal to a whole new world, a world exclusively focused on helping you succeed. 😍


I keep saying references to a waitlist, what’s up with that?

The current Creatorland experience is designed to bring benefits to creators who join now, in anticipation of our full product release happening in the 4th quarter of 2022. By being early, you unlock opportunities that people who join after launch won’t have. Like what? Here are just a few things we’ve done since we started our early-access program…

  • Given away hundreds of dollars in prize money
  • Paired TONS of creators together for collabs
  • Listed thousands of creators and made the more discoverable in the creator catalog
  • Started building partnerships between creators leading to paid partnerships
  • Given 100s of creators access to unlock lifetime FREE access to paid features. To apply to that program, email with the subject “I want lifetime access!” from the email you registered with

There is SO much more to come pre-launch so stay tuned!

I saw that I have a profile, where can I find it?

All creator profiles are hosted at ← Enter your username behind the .com/ and you’ll be taken to your profile. You can also search for your profile in the Creator Catalog

Can I collab with Other Creators Now? 🥳 YES!

  1. ✅ Ensure you’ve created a profile by signing up at
  1. ✅ Complete your detailed profile here.
  1. 💻 Browse the Creator Catalog and Invite other Creators to Collab either via their profile or the “Collab with Me” button on their catalog profile!

🤝 What is the Creator Concierge?

We've brought a team together to help you build better collabs and connect with more creators. When you reach out to another creator to collab through the catalog, we'll be notified and will try and help that collab go smoothly the best we can.

Like we said, we are here to make YOU successful! So please don't hesitate to reach out to us for help at

🤑 What is the Collab to Earn Program?

We’re jumpstarting the #creator2creator revolution by paying creators $10 for every

  1. Complete your profile by clicking here, or the button below this section.
  1. Invite another creator to collab in the Creator Catalog.
  1. Complete the collab, and submit your collab here.
  1. Get Venmo'd $10 by us!

What does my profile let me do?

The key features of the Creatorland pre-launch early access profile are:

  • One place for other creators to see all of your accounts in one place
  • Easily share what type of collabs you’re looking to do with other creators
  • Easily share what type of creator you are, your location, your personal interests, and what you’re looking to gain from the Creatorland platform
  • Generate referrals and move up the waitlist.

What is the 📓 Creator Catalog?

The creator catalog is a list of all the creators on Creatorland who have registered for early access and completed their profile.

What can you do with the Catalog?

  • Search for other creators by: follower count, creator type, platform, and what type of collabs they're interested in.
  • Invite creators to Collab and network!!
  • Access our Creator Concierge - a service designed to help you find other content creators to collab with.
  • Recommended collab types include: reactions, duets, shout-outs, reposts, co-create, and promo-swap.

What are the primary features of Creatorland?

  • Trusted way to get PAID by other content creators to promote their accounts
  • Generate organic follower growth on any platform whenever they feel like it
  • Create amazing first impressions for their brand partnerships by ensuring millions of high-quality views
  • Easily promote personal projects, brands, and passions
  • Maximize live stream viewership
  • Drive thousands more clicks and purchases on affiliate partnerships
  • Have an online resume designed around being a content creator that’s easy to manage

How do I update my username?

You can update your username by emailing with the subject line: I want to update my username - and include what you would like your username changed to. We’ll do our best to accommodate the change.

Do you offer paid collabs?

Yes! We’re currently offering paid collabs to select creators to help build awareness around the coming launch. We’re so glad you’re interested! In order to be considered, please submit an application to the Creatorland Hype Team below.
Apply to Creatorland Hype Team