Introducing Creatorland's powerful creator sourcing program

Whether you’re an influencer marketer, brand manager, founder, or talent manager, Creatorland can help you reach creators with 200+ data points across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram to help you reach your conversion goals. This is a limited-access pilot program at Creatorland.

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How Our Pilot Program Works

Step 1
Target by 200+ data points.

You tell us what type of creators you want to reach, we’ll build the target list. Target by follower count, lookalikes, keywords, engagement, location, + more!

Step 2
Fully Automated Email Outreach

Once you’ve supplied your outreach message, we’ll send your connection requests to your target list. They’ll receive connection requests (linkedin style) from your profile, and if they accept, you’ll be able to freely chat with them.

Step 3
Free 1:1 and Group Slack Like DMs

Send links, files, and images free with our messaging tools. Creatorland DMs get a 4x higher response rate than email to creators.

Connect. Collab. Create.

Creatorland is growing by 1k+ new creators and creator economy professionals every week. Don’t be late to the party🎉!


The Creatorland Profile

Gorgeous showcases for creative workers focused on interests, past work, and professional accomplishments


Deluxe Portfolios & Analytics

Professional project pages make showing off career highlights easy and shareable and FREE detailed analytics for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube + soon, Twitch make discovering the perfect creative talent for your initiatives a breeze.


Free & Unlimited 1:1 & Group DMs

Send links, files, and images free with our messaging tools. Easily refer to past convos with creators, search your inbox, and effortlessly manage collabs.


Creatorland is making it insanely easy to recruit creators for just about anything

Precise Targeting

Target by 200+ data points like followers, location, interests, keywords, engagement, lookalikes, and more!

Unlimited Contact

Unlimited 1:1 and group messaging for first degree connections

Custom Messaging

Custom outreach messaging can include files and external links

Unrivaled Analytics

Full analytics unlock for creators who’ve oAuth’d YouTube, and Instagram YouTube and are connected to you.

Exclusive Access

Access to private slack community of founders, marketers, and A players from the world of creator marketing.

Incredibly Affordable

No contracts required, pay only for the contacts you reach out to with no recurring fees, and no overage charges. Supercharge your creator outreach and network with the cost of a movie ticket 🎟️

No more endlessly scrolling social to find the creators you need.

By working with Creatorland’s free creator sourcing tools, you’ll save 20+ hours a week and costs associated with finding that perfect creator for your project. What will you do with all that extra time and money?

75 %

Open Rate

On connection requests sent to non-users of Creatorland

18% %


On connection request emails sent to non-users - 500% above industry norm

100 +

Per Month

Average new creator connections

400% %

Higher Response Rate

With Creatorland DM's compared to Email

Talent Managers, Marketers, and creators are all LOVING Creatorland

Paula Dhier
VP Marketing, Urban Legend Agency
“Creatorland is the game-changer we've been waiting for. The alternative search + discovery tools in the market cost a staggering $28k a year, and they lack the essential features we need. Investing in one of these CRMs would mean letting a team member go which is simply impractical for us." ”
Colleen Stauffer
Head of Marketing, Creative Juice
Creatorland is the ultimate hub for creators and brands, fostering a supportive and creative community. It's transformed how we connect with our creator audience, offering a unique solution for personalized communication that no other platform provides. Bonus - the team at Creatorland is a joy to partner with - open to feedback, friendly and amazing problem-solvers." ”
Sam Uwins
Manager, Sidemen
Creatorland is undeniably a game-changer for the creator economy. It stands as one of the most significant leaps forward we've seen. What truly sets Creatorland apart is their exceptional team, armed with deep expertise and a relentless focus on building efficient products tailored for creators and professionals. This combination creates a compelling opportunity to drive accelerated growth in our market for years to come." ”
Marcus Wandell
Sellwild Marketplace
“Hola! I've been loving Creatorland... already working with at least a couple folks I connected with on there. I’ve already invested $10k in the first few days, and we’re wrapping up our 8th, 9th, and 10th creator videos today 😆 STOKED!" ”

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